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18 Dec. 1998
Updated 28 Nov. 1999

Comes the news that the wise marketers at Levi Strauss & Co. have decided the only place to buy Levi's online will be their very own Web site.

If you sell the famous jeans in your retail store and want to have your whole inventory available on the Web -- so sorry.

This isn't going to cost anyone life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But isn't it supremely silly?

Tell you what I'd do if I ran one of those retail+online stores. I'd drop Levi's from both. Plenty of other fine denim trousers in the world.

Probably Levi's isn't the only online outfit shooting itself in the hip pocket. Tell me your favorite tale of commercial foolishness.

PS: Comes now the news that Levi's won't be sold from the Levi's Web site at all. ( Back over to the retailers. Can't claim credit.

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