Dateline: Texas June: Cultivating cotton

June: Cultivating cotton

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The Mitchell Farm

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June: Cultivator in cotton field
June: Tom Mitchell welds equipment at the shop
July: Grain sorghum crop is looking good
July: Beetles make a meal of cotton leaves
July: Old farm house amid the fields provides housing for seasonal workers
July: Seasonal workers repair cattle fences
July: Seasonal workers repair cattle fencing
July: Raking hay so it dries thoroughly
July: Baling hay
July: Loading hay on a trailer
July: Loading hay onto a trailer
Henry 'Pie' Davis adjusts the combine during the grain sorghum harvest
August: Glen Braly takes a sample from a truckload of grain sorghum at the grain elevator
August: Cotton boll opens, ready for harvest
August: Cotton boll filled with cotton
Three generations of the Mitchell family at the family home in Barry, Texas
January: Feeding cattle
January: Feeding cattle
February: Flow divider for anhydrous ammonia fertilizing rig
February: Tandem disc harrow
February: Steve Ragsdale assembles a fertilizer point
February: Round hay bales stored in the field
February: Hauling hay to feed the cattle
February: A friend joins Henry 'Pie' Davis as he hauls hay for cattle
February: Cattle get supplemental feed in the winter
March: Tom Mitchell in his 'office'
March: Tom Mitchell repairs a plow at the shop
March: Tools at the shop
March: Mike Watkins and Henry 'Pie' Davis bring in cattle for worming
March: Cow awaits worming
March: Worming cattle
April: Spare hardware at the shop
April: Tom Mitchell talks to Steve Ragsdale before Ragsdale heads out on the fertilizer rig
April: Fertilizing with anhydrous ammonia
April: Tom Mitchell refills the tank of anhydrous ammonia
April: A truckload of cotton seed
April: The farm's largest tractor cultivates and drills seed into the ground in one pass
April: Cultivating and planting with the farm's largest tractor
April: Applying a little physical persuasion to the cultivator
April: Heading back to the shop in Barry
April: Henry 'Pie' Davis
April: Mike Watkins and Henry 'Pie' Davis repair a seed drill
April: Tom Mitchell talks to his father, George, who is rolling fields to keep moisture in the rows
April: George Mitchell rolls fields to keep moisture in the rows
April: George Mitchell rolls fields to keep moisture in the rows
April: Tom Mitchell checks for germinating grain sorghum seed
April: Tom Mitchell holds a sprouting grain sorghum seed
April: Old barn in the middle of the fields
April: Heads of wheat are filling out
May: Tom Mitchell surveys a field of healthy wheat
May: Checking grain sorghum seedlings for insects
May: George Mitchell sprays insecticide on grain sorghum fields
May: Tom Mitchell and daughter Christi bolt a bracket to a tractor
May: Cotton sprout breaks through the crusty soil
May: Tom Mitchell returns to the tractor as he cultivates a grain sorghum field
May: Cultivating a grain sorghum field
May: Baling hay
June: Combining wheat
June: Combine unloads wheat into a truck
June: Dumping a truckload of wheat at the grain elevator
June: Glen Braly checks moisture content of the wheat at the grain elevator
June: Tom Mitchell and Mike Watkins make a tight turn at the end of a row
June: Cultivating cotton